Gavamail: A POP3/IMAP server for GMAIL written in JAVA

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Gavamail is intended to be a POP3/IMAP server implementation for your GMAIL mail account. It uses the g4j library to contact gmail.

Currently it only implements the POP3 server. I am new to all this(reading RFC documents, Socket programming etc.) and hence thought of developing the easier option first.

I will upload more information here as and when new developments take place. I am trying my best to release a working copy as soon as possible.

Latest News

Implementation Details:

Gavamail is implemented pretty much like MrPostman. It opens up a port(11112) on your local box and listens on it for incoming connections. To connect to this server, you will have to setup ur e-mail client like normal - give the server address as localhost and change the port to 11112.

How can I help?

I am the only developer working on this project now and since I am also studying I dont have too much time to work on gavamail. I would therefore appreciate a helping hand here so an initial release can be made ASAP. Checkout the CVS tree and see if you can help. If you think you can, mail me.

About Me

I am a OSS enthusiast and love to learn through experiment(hence this project). You can read more here. Also checkout my other project jfortune.

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